Walt Disney World, Orlando – Planning Your Trip

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World (WDW) can seem overwhelming at first. When I started planning the trip for my family I naively thought the planning process consisted of booking a hotel, flight and buying attraction tickets. I quickly realized this was not a simple trip to plan. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help travelers in need. This article will provide you with the basics to get started.

Decide Your Budget

When planning any family trip, a good place to start is your budget. The nice thing about WDW is that it can fit into almost any budget. You can be thrifty with your trip or luxurious and both trips will be an experience you will never forget. If it is your first trip to WDW and your budget allows for it, I would recommend staying in a WDW resort. While staying outside the WDW resort complex can save some money, this article will focus on staying within the WDW resort complex.

Walt Disney World offers three different levels for their resorts to meet everyone’s budget; Value, Moderate and Deluxe. Similar to their names, the cheapest accommodation is the Value resort and the most expensive is the Deluxe. As you move up in price what the resorts have to offer also increases. For example, Deluxe resorts generally have more eating options, including fine dining restaurants, bigger rooms, more pools and better amenities. But, from what I have seen, service at WDW is never compromised whether you stay at a Deluxe or a Value resort.

In addition to the different levels for their resorts, WDW has defined four seasons for their theme parks; Value, Regular, Peak and Holiday. Value season is the cheapest for park tickets and resort prices, but is generally during times when the weather is cooler or when taking a vacation for the family is difficult (i.e., beginning of school). Holiday season is during holidays like Christmas, New Years, winter break, etc. I would not recommend going during these times as the parks will be overcrowded and not as enjoyable.

When to Go

Your budget and vacation senderismo en schedule may determine when to go, but if you have some flexibility I would recommend going in April. We visited WDW then and it was not overcrowded while the weather was beautiful. Another alternative would be in late August or November when prices dip again.

How Long to Go For

While you will not see everything in WDW in one trip, I would still recommend going for at least one week. I believe ten days would be ideal; but one week is sufficient to give you a good flavour for what’s there and to experience the four major theme parks.