Great Coaches Make Great Leaders

A craving developed deep inside my humanity as a fledgling teen; a potent yearning to distinguish myself. My quest was not compelled towards extraordinary pursuits, but rather evocative meaningful endeavors. I was touched with a cognizance of my personal possession of an inner forte. It was the era of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and emerging adults were challenged to be of consequence. I was a typical boy, from a middling family, going to a normal school, living an ordinary “Wonder Years” life.

Then one day as I altered my bicycle’s homeward route, my attention lurched to a spectacle which drew me in and tugged at my depth. Quickly I jumped off, allowing my most prized possession to crash to the concrete, and with both hands clutched in the chain link fence I stared through the grid to witness an amazing exhibition. There they were, The Boys of Fall” – the High School Football Team engulfed in their practice session. Mesmerized, I gazed as they executed drills with intense precision while smashing, grunting and roaring into each other. They would take rise from heaps of calamity with yelps of exhilaration, high-fives, and a grander loftier persona…bursting with Pride!

The next season, after an effective plea with my mother, I “tried out” to join the game which I had become fascinated with. “Hell Week” began, and swiftly eradicated the need for any explanation of theสมัครเว็บ ufabet torturous designation. Practice was simply designed to “beat the hell out of you” physically, emotionally, and mentally. The only football I encountered was the one I slept with. Hell Week was an assault on your character and being. It was exactly what I was searching for… a test of my mettle. Following weeks of unforgiving regimentation, I was finally handed a football uniform. Excitedly, I donned the apparatus while awkwardly comprehending how to regain mobility. Not knowing what to expect, I was ready for my first “suited up” practice. My Father took me aside, “Son there will come a point where the coaches will ask you to choose an opponent to go “head-to-head” against. Be sure to choose the biggest and toughest boy on the team.”

As usual, practice began with us running and performing drills to the point o