HVAC Maintenance: Some Basic Steps

Here are some suggestions of what you can do to ensure that your HVAC system stays functioning for a long period of time:

  1. Set a routine for cleaning each month of your filters. The HVAC system is equipped with one air filter that is located in the area where an air return vent is connected to the furnace that is forced. Take it off and look over it. If it appears to be dirty the filter should be replaced or cleaned. Keep in mind that filters that do not seem dirty from the outside could be clogging with dirt in areas that you cannot see, reducing their effectiveness. There are filters that are washable, but the majority of filters are disposable. Filters that are dirty can be replaced with a clean one. The new filter will lessen damage on the system. Cleaning or changing the air filter will allow clean air to circulate through your home, allowing you to breathe better.
  2. With heat pumps , you are able to change the air filter that is part of your air conditioner. There are a variety of types of air filters available make sure you choose the correct one when purchase the air purifier.
  3. Buy electro static air filters to the HVAC system. While they’re costly they can be cleaned and reused multiple times, reducing your overall HVAC maintenance costs.
  4. Maintain the area around your HVAC unit and its vents clear and tidy.
  5. If you notice the HVAC system makes a strange sound or emitting a peculiar smell, shut it down and then call an HVAC expert.
  6. Regular inspections by you and each 6 months inspection performed by an professional will keep your HVAC system air filters cleaning in good condition and functioning. This service will offer maintenance services that you might not be able as well as your HVAC expert will help comprehend how your system operates by providing tips and assist you in identifying any possible problems that could cause the breakdown.
  7. In the event that you’re HVAC system is operating properly take it into consideration giving it a break for few months during the time when the outdoor temperatures are just right to allow you to feel at ease in your home.
  8. In winter you can open your blinds to let the sun shine through your windows. This will warm your home during the day. Close your blinds or drapes in the evening to cut down on the heat that escapes through windows. If you’re warm enough in the daytime even in the winter months, you can reduce the thermostat , thereby reducing the cost of heating. In summer, you can use blinds to cut down on the heat that enters your home through the windows. There are many options to increase hrv cleaning the insulation of windows. You can make use of drapes, blinds, or window tinting. to lessen the load on the HVAC system.